Wednesday, July 21, 2010

More! The Most 'Me' Line of Jewellery

Ship's Propeller - Brass and Wood - $50 - SOLD OUT

Solid Brass Anchor - $50 - I keep this in stock

Solid Brass Binoculars - $55 - SOLD but can remake with notice

This is prob also the most 'me' line. The spy glass and binoculars represent my near obsession with detective novels and shows/films and the secret harbouring I have to be a spy (way too much of a wuss tho!). The telescope reminds me of the exciting nights spent with my wonderful Dad and sister watching Haley's Comet through Dad's hand-built telescope (110 hours just to polish the lense!) which he later went on to sell for $10! :( Too kind! The anchor and nautical theme represents the fact that I married into the Killick family - Killick being an Olde English word for 'Anchor' which the Killicks have truly been for me.

I hope you find 'you' in this line too - because it IS for you I have made it x

Thank you to for your wonderful and incredible handcrafts and blogging!


Annie :) xxx


Colette said...

Oh my gosh!! So gorgeous, I collect anchor necklaces and yours is possibly the most unique and well-crafted I've ever seen!!

aRPi said...

love it Anna so cool! I love the binoculars too so cute! Keep it up!

FaerySarah said...