Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Annie Blackberry Deluxe - Faux Naturel Collection

I am so excited!! We have been featured on NZGirl's website again! FaerySarah has written a blog about Annie Blackberry being oine of NZGirl's favourite things!! I am honoured. Thank you Sarah and thank you NZGirl!

I am also excited to announce our newest deluxe range - Annie Blackberry's 'Faux Naturel' brand. If you are a little onto it in the languages department you'll know this is French pun from the phrase 'au naturel' blended with 'faux' which means just what it means (faux pas, etc - false, not real). It's a deluxe range that is at an even higher level of quality than our already high standard. The charms are more expensive for me to buy and are often miniature workables etc. This collection features solid brass :)

The 'faux' alludes to the fact that it is looks like high fashion and IS high fashion but doesn't carry the $250+ price tag of other (usually very worthy) high fashion costume jewellery. The 'au naturel' refers to the fact that the jewellery includes semi-precious stones and metals (brass, white gold and silver plate, sterling silver) and also natural elements (ceramic, clay, jasper, howlite, etc). The end product is 100% handmade and NZ made and designed. I am a collage artist and that means I gather together a whole bunch of charms and odds and ends I find everywhere and turn them into wearable fashion. I don't pretend to sculpt or craft the individual charms but make art from existing materials (although we DO actually make some of our charms).

Hope you love it and enjoy it!

Hope you Like the Faux Naturel line!

Thank you for all your wonderful support and encouragement - it really is all about you guys!

Annie :) xx


KelseyJayy said...

oh my goodness Annie. i miss all your stuff! i LOVE the telescope. it's super cute. i must come visit. my collection needs some stocking up. :)

you're so wonderful. x

Annie Blackberry said...

I love you Kelsey - you are welcome anytime! :) xxx