Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Annie Blackberry Does It In Style!

Genuine Vintage Hand-Carved and Hand-Drawn bird on Brass Bow Brooch - $35

Snow White Locket - $38

Pink Glass and Gold Plate Bow Pendant - $40


Acid Wash Rose Rings - $25

Mini Working Harmonica Pendant - $40

Shopping Basket Earrings - $26

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


We have a new website: !!

Order anything until the 30th of November 2010 and get a free necklace!!!

Love Annie :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

I'll let them speak for themselves :) Email me at to order.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Annie Blackberry Summer 2011 You Are Special Collection

My FAVOURITE! Large Red Daisy - $45 - only 1 but can make to order

Hand iridized brass wing with Genuine Swarovski heart - $45 - (Only 1 but can make to order)

Dalmatian Jasper Pendant - $45 - only one

One-off genuine turquoise pendant with vintage focal point - $45 - ONLY 1

Genuine 50s Celluloid Doves - Nude - $40 - Only one but may be able to make to order

Genuine Celluloid 50s Kissing Doves - Pale Yellow - $40- Only one but may be able to make to order

Things to make you feel special...(because you are)

Just email me on to order. I accept international orders as well as New Zealand orders :)

God bless you beautiful people!

Annie xxx

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Annie Blackberry Summer 2011 Range!

I am so excited to introduce to you to my new Summer 2011 Range! Just email me to order at:!

Matte Silver Bows on .925 Sterling Silver hooks - $28

Brass Best Friends Necklace - $38 for both

Matte Gold Plated Bows on Gold Plate over .925 Sterling Hooks - $28

Arc de Triomphe arch suspended from Gorgeous Gold Plate Bows - $28

Teeny Tiny Solid Spring Acorns on .925 Sterling Silver Hooks - $26

Brasstone True/False Lie Detector (Arrow is fixed) on brasstone kidney wires - $25

Gorgeous Silvertone Peace sign(approx 2+cm) on 90cm silver plate chain- $32

Small Brass Kissing Friends on 90cm Nickle-free and lead-free chain - $29

Stunning Brass Acorn on large Maple Disc - $45

One-off Urban Tribal with Moonstone, Unakite & Vintage Componentry - $65

Memory Key on Leather - 65cm length - $42

Gorgeous Pale Pink Cabbage Rose with Silver Plate Bail & 90cm Silver Plate Chain - $40

Deep Red Rose on 90cm Brasstone Chain- $40

Genuine Antique Monocle on 65cm of leather - limited edition and one-off - $60 - SOLD but can make similar

Nautical Keeper with Gold Plate Feather, Faux Coin and Vintage Brass Soldier - $60

I Do Not Support Guns but They Look Cool 1 - 65cm leather - large - $45 - SOLD OUT

I Do Not Support Guns but They Look Cool 2 - 90cm chain - large - $45 - ONLY 1

Annie xxxx

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Summer is here!! Celebrate with Annie Blackberry!

Solid Brass Ship's Lantern - $55 - SOLD OUT but can remake again with notice

Genuine US Decommissioned Bullet Pendant - $50

Hand-Patinised Swan Lake - $38 - SOLD OUT but can remake again with notice

Grunge Metallic Bow - $40

Disco Record/Vinyl Pendant - Solid - $40 - SOLD OUT but can remake again with notice

Cream Rose Pendant - $40

One-off Blackberry Pendant - SOLD OUT

'Wander' Vintage Key Pendant - $42

Solid Brass and Copper Ship Porthole - $50 - SOLD but cna remake with notice

Hello Friends!

I can smell Summer in the air. The other nightwe had an impromptu dinner on the deck with a few friends. One ice cold marguerita and Dutch cigarillo later, I felt so content - just enjoying that special woodsmoke smell in the air and the gorgeous view from our deck. Then my dad came back from Mexico with a Mi Casa es Su Casa (my house is your house altough I prefer Your House is My House) plaque for us and I just loved it :) Definitely in line with the Aztec/Mexican/Ethnic vibe of this season!

Well, here's a little bit of what I've been working on - all prices here are DISCOUNTED. Email me to order :)

Have a wonderful month!! And God bless you all.

Annie :) xxxx

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

More! The Most 'Me' Line of Jewellery

Ship's Propeller - Brass and Wood - $50 - SOLD OUT

Solid Brass Anchor - $50 - I keep this in stock

Solid Brass Binoculars - $55 - SOLD but can remake with notice

This is prob also the most 'me' line. The spy glass and binoculars represent my near obsession with detective novels and shows/films and the secret harbouring I have to be a spy (way too much of a wuss tho!). The telescope reminds me of the exciting nights spent with my wonderful Dad and sister watching Haley's Comet through Dad's hand-built telescope (110 hours just to polish the lense!) which he later went on to sell for $10! :( Too kind! The anchor and nautical theme represents the fact that I married into the Killick family - Killick being an Olde English word for 'Anchor' which the Killicks have truly been for me.

I hope you find 'you' in this line too - because it IS for you I have made it x

Thank you to for your wonderful and incredible handcrafts and blogging!


Annie :) xxx