Thursday, July 31, 2008

Deja Vu and Etch

Thank you everyone for supporting Annie Blackberry. Sales went up markedly last week and I got an order for 15 necklaces from Deja Vu in Gore. Check them out if you're out that way. They sell stuff like Trelise Cooper, Karen Walker, etc that has been only worn a few times. Hence the word Deja Vu I guess ;) Did you know that Deja Vu literally means 'Already Seen' in French? I love French :)

If you haven't visited Etch in Tauranga you must go and have a look. Rach is lovely and runs a really great store full of top fashion (up-and-comign AND already-arrived) labels like Sara Lilley, Karen Walker, Stolen Girlfriend;s Club, 27 Names (previously Love Lies Bleeding), Lonely Hearts, Deadly Ponies, Georgina Baker's magnificent teaspoon jewellery, Penny Foggo and of course...Annie Blackberry :) Yopu will find a wide variety of high fashion in very quirky but wearable styles - also some lovely classic pieces with the latest twist. If you go in there you have to check out her $25 pristine steriogram and her amazing white horse lamp from Living and Giving (I WANT it).

Well, I'll leave you with a few pics of what I've been working on lately :)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fedoras, Pork Pies & Snake Cuffs in New Zealand

Hello Everyone!

I'd like to thank you for taking the time to look at my blog. Sales have increased this week - maybe I can put my pocket money up to $30, Andrew? Hee hee.

I recently came across a cool website called or something like that where the peeps in the know tell us what's hitting the world's hottest runways. After *extensive* research I can safely say you will look COOL in:

-Fedoras, pork pies, trilbys, bowlers and such like are the hats to be seen in! (Male or female)

-Wood and ethnic jewellery has made a huge comeback and is heavily Egyptian and/or African influenced. GOLD or gunmetal is the colour for chain or other jewllery with huge tiger rings, snake cuffs and large glass, wooden and acrylic geometric and other bold shapes being influenced by early 60s fashion.

-Vintage, especially 1920s-1930s influenced, and other quirky jewellery (my speciality :) ) is very popular. Time to dig through nana's (and Great-Grandma's) jewllery box kids!

-Uh oh it's the return of the early 90s - yes I'm predicting cullottes (heaven forbid) and not just the long variety - yip, cullotte shorts are trying to sneak their way into the world of fashion. Don't forget the semi-cool floral prints those wide leg pants came in and those sheer flowing, lady-like long dresses.

-Nautical, rocker, military and 80s fashion continues here in New Zealand so you can probably make those clothes last another season :)

-It's not the end of the skinny jeans but thank goodness the bootleg is back. I'm predicting the flare-up of the flares and bigger floral patterns. Nothing like a bit of hip hippying.

Included in this blog is some of my recent jewellery. Please email me if you are interested in a piece. I accept International orders. The small floral brooch is a vintage-inspired glass bead hand-sewn brooch. The earrings are good ol' plastic - American Gumball Charms.
OH and ok, please check out this link to see why high-waisted pants don't fit the best of us:

Peace Out!

Annie xxxx

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Annie Blackberry Loves the World

Hello there friends!

My name is Annie Blackberry and I make new and redesigned jewellery: lego on chain, anything on chain, wood brooches, stitched floral brooches, art deco jet type jewellery, guitar pick earrings with charms, pewter charm earrings with Czech firepolished glass, restored vintage jewellery, belt buckles and clock face necklaces - you think of it - I've made it! :)

I would love to share AB with the world so if you'd like to order a piece wholesale please contact me or leave your email address in the comments section.

I sell in top Tauranga fashion stores such as Etch and tres Chic alongside fashion gurus like Karen Walker, Stolen Girlfriends Club, Deadly Ponies and more!

I'm 28, married, creative and I love rats and listening to the rain on the roof at night. I love tea, foreign languages, run a book group and watch tv series on DVD more than seems humanly possible. I am currently recovering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and can't wait to really get out there and see the world!