Thursday, July 31, 2008

Deja Vu and Etch

Thank you everyone for supporting Annie Blackberry. Sales went up markedly last week and I got an order for 15 necklaces from Deja Vu in Gore. Check them out if you're out that way. They sell stuff like Trelise Cooper, Karen Walker, etc that has been only worn a few times. Hence the word Deja Vu I guess ;) Did you know that Deja Vu literally means 'Already Seen' in French? I love French :)

If you haven't visited Etch in Tauranga you must go and have a look. Rach is lovely and runs a really great store full of top fashion (up-and-comign AND already-arrived) labels like Sara Lilley, Karen Walker, Stolen Girlfriend;s Club, 27 Names (previously Love Lies Bleeding), Lonely Hearts, Deadly Ponies, Georgina Baker's magnificent teaspoon jewellery, Penny Foggo and of course...Annie Blackberry :) Yopu will find a wide variety of high fashion in very quirky but wearable styles - also some lovely classic pieces with the latest twist. If you go in there you have to check out her $25 pristine steriogram and her amazing white horse lamp from Living and Giving (I WANT it).

Well, I'll leave you with a few pics of what I've been working on lately :)

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ck4eva said...

Annie Blackberry is taking over the world! Yeah baby!!!