Saturday, July 19, 2008

Annie Blackberry Loves the World

Hello there friends!

My name is Annie Blackberry and I make new and redesigned jewellery: lego on chain, anything on chain, wood brooches, stitched floral brooches, art deco jet type jewellery, guitar pick earrings with charms, pewter charm earrings with Czech firepolished glass, restored vintage jewellery, belt buckles and clock face necklaces - you think of it - I've made it! :)

I would love to share AB with the world so if you'd like to order a piece wholesale please contact me or leave your email address in the comments section.

I sell in top Tauranga fashion stores such as Etch and tres Chic alongside fashion gurus like Karen Walker, Stolen Girlfriends Club, Deadly Ponies and more!

I'm 28, married, creative and I love rats and listening to the rain on the roof at night. I love tea, foreign languages, run a book group and watch tv series on DVD more than seems humanly possible. I am currently recovering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and can't wait to really get out there and see the world!



david santos said...

Have a nice weekend.

Annie Blackberry said...

Thanks David!

Emma said...

hi where do you stock in Tauranga in auckland? how can i find this out..? cheers emma

Annie Blackberry said...

Hey Emma!

Thanks for your question - I couldn't find your blog to reply. I sell in Etch, Hula, Tres Chic and La De Da in Tga (Etch has best range)and Texas Radio and the Big Beat Boutique in Ponsonby and Texan Art Schools Ponsonby and Newmarket with the rest of the Texan Art Schools to come on board :) The best way to buy my stuff is on Trade Me. Just type in 'Annie Blackberry' under Search.

Thanks Emma!

PS You can also email me for mates rates :)

Sophia said...

Hey- ive fallen in love with the orange necklace thats on that orange dress in the first picture above. I want it! I need it! Haha how do i get it?
thanx- Sophia x

Annie Blackberry said...

Hi Sophia,

I can't access your profile to get back to you but if you see this can you please email me at and I'l get back to you with a price :) I only have a few left - they are rare but aren't they the coolest?? :)

Annie xx