Tuesday, December 30, 2008

You Beautiful People!

Thank you to the people who have bought my jewellery this year, thank you to the people who have stocked me this year and thank you to the people who have supported me in my little business - there are too many name and that makes me so happy.

I feel that it's such a blessing to connect with people who I've met through Annie Blackberry - I appreciate you more than you know - the strangers, the now-friends and the friends and family I know and love.

We have just got out 15th store - I can't even believe I'm writing that!! THANK YOU from my heart.

When my good friend Jesus told me this would grow more than I could hope or imagine, I smiled and expected it to take 5 years - I am already here and it's you jesus who I thank the most. Please may i continue to do this thing I love, this thing which has healed me.

Love Annie xxx

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Annie Blackberry Expands

Thank you Texan Art Schools and Texas Radio and the Big Beat Boutique for taking on Annie Blackberry! Thank you to my wonderful supporters - you are amazing!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Summer I Love You!

Summer, summer, summer! Ahhhhhhhh......

Tonight I had the best night - Andrew and I went to the coffee club for dinner - I love how they bring you the bill (I wish I could just put my card on the plate and say 'charge it' but it's just too Amercian ;) Plus I was paying by Eftpos). We saw Rach from Etch and it was lovely to see her. Then Debs and I had a drink at Orange Zephyr and were served by my lovely friend Sam and we listened to Jazz and talked about God. Then Andrew and I went to the Friends of the Warehouse nihgt and nothing was on special :(

ANYWAY....here is my new stuff, hope you love it :)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Love IS the Key

Ha ha I love puns - especially my own hee hee :) Love actually IS the key. Please see above to grasp the full extent of its magic....

Email me now on annieblackberry@hotmail.com if you'd like to order a piece - a discount offered if you mention this site :)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

I thought it was meant to be sunny! But there has been drizzle all day...which makes the perfect excuse to stay inside and watch Battlestar Galactica and make jewellery :) Oooooo that does sound good!

Yes, my new favourite show is Battlestar Galactica. I never thought I'd be the Trekkie type (openly anyway) who turned up to conventions dressed in mustard jumpsuits with cool aluminium bradges but it kinda turns out I'ma geek after all (WHO would have known...? Hmmmm....). I absolutely love it except for them saying FRAK every five seconds and extending the 'little frakker' and 'frak off'. VERY annoying. Do they only have one swear word in space different to us earthlings?! My husband calls it '24 in space' but I think it's more like 'Lost in Space' Get it!? LOST in Space :) Hee ha ha. Geekling!

Here is some of my new stuff. I want to really test the boundaries of jewellery, really see what can be made into a necklace. I have some new stuff coming folks so look out!! :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

FREE Jewellery If You are Heidi Montag or Lauren Conrad or on The Hills! :)

Despite your fights I love ALL you girls!! If you are on the Hills (i.e. Audrina, Heidi, Lauren, Lo, Whitney - you're lovely! - even Spencer), then please email me for FREE DESIGNER JEWELLERY). I'd love to just bless you guys and make up some of your favourite pieces from this site.

I am loving this season of The Hills currently airing here in New Zealand. Don't ask me why but it's a relief to know when watching this program that other people have ups and downs with their friends and different seasons in their friendships.

It's been such a good week - sales are going well and I got a copy of World Sweet World magazine with my jewellery in it - thanks guys! Thank you to all my wonderful customers for buying Annie blackberry. It is a pleasure to make jewellery for you and I make it with love xxxx

Here are some of my latest designs. Some are random and some are inspired by the current trend in New Zealand at the moment of Egyptian and Greco-Roman jewellery. Also in fashion right now are genuine (and recreated) vintage pieces. I have genuine vintage charms which are just gorgeous and chain to match also so please check these out :)

Have a great week and don't forget you can EMAIL ME from anywhere in the world to order your custom design or for one of the pieces on this blog (subject to availability).

Annie xxxxx