Tuesday, September 23, 2008

FREE Jewellery If You are Heidi Montag or Lauren Conrad or on The Hills! :)

Despite your fights I love ALL you girls!! If you are on the Hills (i.e. Audrina, Heidi, Lauren, Lo, Whitney - you're lovely! - even Spencer), then please email me for FREE DESIGNER JEWELLERY). I'd love to just bless you guys and make up some of your favourite pieces from this site.

I am loving this season of The Hills currently airing here in New Zealand. Don't ask me why but it's a relief to know when watching this program that other people have ups and downs with their friends and different seasons in their friendships.

It's been such a good week - sales are going well and I got a copy of World Sweet World magazine with my jewellery in it - thanks guys! Thank you to all my wonderful customers for buying Annie blackberry. It is a pleasure to make jewellery for you and I make it with love xxxx

Here are some of my latest designs. Some are random and some are inspired by the current trend in New Zealand at the moment of Egyptian and Greco-Roman jewellery. Also in fashion right now are genuine (and recreated) vintage pieces. I have genuine vintage charms which are just gorgeous and chain to match also so please check these out :)

Have a great week and don't forget you can EMAIL ME from anywhere in the world to order your custom design or for one of the pieces on this blog (subject to availability).

Annie xxxxx

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Anna said...

anna i absolutly love the necklaces with the tags of hand writing on them.. very cool

anna haddy