Sunday, October 5, 2008

I thought it was meant to be sunny! But there has been drizzle all day...which makes the perfect excuse to stay inside and watch Battlestar Galactica and make jewellery :) Oooooo that does sound good!

Yes, my new favourite show is Battlestar Galactica. I never thought I'd be the Trekkie type (openly anyway) who turned up to conventions dressed in mustard jumpsuits with cool aluminium bradges but it kinda turns out I'ma geek after all (WHO would have known...? Hmmmm....). I absolutely love it except for them saying FRAK every five seconds and extending the 'little frakker' and 'frak off'. VERY annoying. Do they only have one swear word in space different to us earthlings?! My husband calls it '24 in space' but I think it's more like 'Lost in Space' Get it!? LOST in Space :) Hee ha ha. Geekling!

Here is some of my new stuff. I want to really test the boundaries of jewellery, really see what can be made into a necklace. I have some new stuff coming folks so look out!! :)

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Dave and Michelle said...

hey awesome stuff Anna, love it!