Tuesday, December 30, 2008

You Beautiful People!

Thank you to the people who have bought my jewellery this year, thank you to the people who have stocked me this year and thank you to the people who have supported me in my little business - there are too many name and that makes me so happy.

I feel that it's such a blessing to connect with people who I've met through Annie Blackberry - I appreciate you more than you know - the strangers, the now-friends and the friends and family I know and love.

We have just got out 15th store - I can't even believe I'm writing that!! THANK YOU from my heart.

When my good friend Jesus told me this would grow more than I could hope or imagine, I smiled and expected it to take 5 years - I am already here and it's you jesus who I thank the most. Please may i continue to do this thing I love, this thing which has healed me.

Love Annie xxx

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