Thursday, October 7, 2010

Summer is here!! Celebrate with Annie Blackberry!

Solid Brass Ship's Lantern - $55 - SOLD OUT but can remake again with notice

Genuine US Decommissioned Bullet Pendant - $50

Hand-Patinised Swan Lake - $38 - SOLD OUT but can remake again with notice

Grunge Metallic Bow - $40

Disco Record/Vinyl Pendant - Solid - $40 - SOLD OUT but can remake again with notice

Cream Rose Pendant - $40

One-off Blackberry Pendant - SOLD OUT

'Wander' Vintage Key Pendant - $42

Solid Brass and Copper Ship Porthole - $50 - SOLD but cna remake with notice

Hello Friends!

I can smell Summer in the air. The other nightwe had an impromptu dinner on the deck with a few friends. One ice cold marguerita and Dutch cigarillo later, I felt so content - just enjoying that special woodsmoke smell in the air and the gorgeous view from our deck. Then my dad came back from Mexico with a Mi Casa es Su Casa (my house is your house altough I prefer Your House is My House) plaque for us and I just loved it :) Definitely in line with the Aztec/Mexican/Ethnic vibe of this season!

Well, here's a little bit of what I've been working on - all prices here are DISCOUNTED. Email me to order :)

Have a wonderful month!! And God bless you all.

Annie :) xxxx

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