Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Annie Blackberry 2010

Hey Guys!

So nice to welcome in a New Year and hope you all had a GREAT Christmas!!
I am so excited about the new year at Annie Blackberry - I am so so grateful to you, my customers and friends, for your amazing support in the last year and look forward to serving you this year.

Thank you to my wonderful friends and casual staff Lydia, Annie, Kelsey and Joy and to my Mum and Dad and Andrew for their incredible hard work.

I've been searching the world (figuratively) for the latest trends and fashion and have based my 2010 collection on much of this as well as things that are close to my heart - animals, people and crazy, unique stuff.
Please email me on annieblackberry@hotmail.com for a good price :)
Annie :) xxx


Widge said...

ooooh I'm loving the top robot necklace! I have a thing for robotnics
also the gold crane in the frame is too cool!!

KelseyJayy said...

you are just too wonderful. X