Sunday, December 6, 2009

Give Courage to Someone - ENcourage them

PIC #1 is an awesome drawing my husband did. The 2nd is a photo of my husband that his bro, Rob, did. I just love it - so moody. And PIC #3 is our new baby, Timmy Schmal..I am in love with him - we both are.

Had a pretty hard day today. My rat Edwina's dying, I had words with one of my family which hardly ever happens and I miss Gracie. Plus the OCD is bad today - random unwanted thoughts, guilt and anxiety - the usual.

Are you going through a hard time? I listen.

My girls, life is hard isn't it. When you're sensitive like me EVERYTHING is felt to the fullest - loss and pain and joy and laughter. It's a bit of a rollercoaster ride (no I'm not bi-polar but I do understand it :) )

We put up the Christmas tree and I think it's our best one yet! :) Sweet and simple.

I want to bless you with my jewellery, I hope I do. I hope you feel the love behind the brand.

Love Annie xx
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FaerySarah said...

Merry Christmas sweet! Hope today is a good day :-)

aRPi said...

Hey lovely. I am loving the new designs and what an awesome pic and photo!!! Fantastic. It would be super if you could 'follow' me also I would me so chuffed. :) Chur xx