Thursday, January 28, 2010

Annie Blackberry NEW SEASON LAUNCH!

Welcome to War and Peace and No Place Like Space! My 2010 Summer/Autumn collection. In The Secret Garden is still going strong and so you're welcome to order from that summer 2009/2010 collection.

Most of the pieces below are available only for either a limited time or as more charms become available (vintage charms will naturally run out). I only have 1 available of the gun and 2 of the copper chandelier with charms :)

Our new wee puppy, Timmy, is a one-off and I've bought him :)

Annie :) xx


PaisleyJade said...

Looking awesome - and love the puppy too!!

Rebekah said...

Hi Annie,

Can I please have your email address? I would like to get in touch :) You can email me at

Diamond said...

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Chloe Mac said...

Pistol knecklace is awesome! how much?

Annie Blackberry said...

hey there :) it's rrp $69 but I'm selling them myself now for $45 :)

just email me at to order or look on trade me :)

annie xx