Thursday, May 14, 2009

Annie Blackberry Opens A Store!!

Wow! Our first store! We supply 16 stores in New Zealand and now we have our very own AB studio and shop now open in Cherrywood in Tauranga! We would LOVE to see you and would be pleased to do custom orders.

Our hours are:

Mon-Fi: 10-7
Thursday: 10-6
Sat: 10-2

If you would like to be our 17th stockist in New Zealand (apart from Tauranga - we're full :) ) email me on

Here is my new big silver bow pendant and a large key with brass kissing friend charm on gunmetal chain.

Have an awesome week!

Annie :) xxxx


Jo said...

I love the romantic style of some of your pieces! My favourite ones in this post are the white flower necklace and the bow, but I also love old keys :)
Hope your shop does super well!
I might have to get you to make me something custom :)

Annie Blackberry said...

Thanks so much :) I would love to make you a custom piece!

Annie x