Saturday, May 30, 2009

Annie Blackberry in Remix Magazine and on What Now!

Hey Everyone!!
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How have you all been?

We have been so busy opening our new store in Cherrywood. It's going really well although we've yet to get sign-writing and proper sandwich boards!

Guess what?? Remix Magazine called and are going to do an article on the jewellery we make with Lego and on our new store!! Yay!! ALSO, I was blown away because What Now presenter, the lovely Serena Rongonui, asked if we could supply What Now with jewellery in return for advertising on their show!!!! Praise God - honestly I am SO excited and grateful.

Do you like my new stuff?

If you're having a hard time I just wanna say: Hang In There. 2 years ago I was having 7 seizures a day and was told there was no hope of it getting better. The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome had me in bead everyday for stretches of up to 3 weeks. I was depressed and sick of being sick (12 years it's been). There's always hope. God wil help you out of the Mirey Clay or give you a way through it.

Love you x


Lillybeth Melmoth said...

Wow, Anna. That is SUCH good news about Remix & What Now - fun! And thanks for sharing a bit about your struggles...I can imagine how awful that would have been. I'll take your encouragement today. :-) xx

Jessica said...

Awesome stuff! I would buy it all if I weren't on a student budget :/
Sigh. Keep up the fabulous work!