Friday, January 14, 2011

~Annie Blackberry Summer/Autumn 2011 is here!!~

Cute Tied Bow - $35 - chain=90cm

Secret Message in an Acorn - $39 - Chain=90cm

Vintage Dogtag with Gold Plated 'Paper' Windmill - $40 - chain=90cm

Annie Blackberry Party Cupcakes :)

Matte silver-plated tree with gold-plated trunk - $40 - chain=90cm

Dear Awesome Followers and Blog Readers,

Thank you for a great year last year - we recorded our first wee profit so that's not too bad only a few years into the business!

We had an awesome night at the Annie Blackberry Christmas Party - if you want an invite to the next one just email me or leave me a comment :)

ANYWAY...NEW SEASON Annie Blackberry is being made! Check some of it out above.

Happy New Year!

Annie :) xxx

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