Monday, May 3, 2010

Annie Blackberry Autumn/Winter 2010!!

Just email me for prices or to order on:

I do one-offs too :)

Annie xxx


Anonymous said...

Annie your jewelery used to be so interesting, what has happened? This looks so generic now...

Annie Blackberry said...

Front up and tell me your name and I'll answer you :)

Annie Blackberry said...

This is only a very very small selection of what I make - hopefully the things you love I still make and I am constantly trying to come up with new and fresh ideas. My illness sometimes gets in the way :( I guess I'm a bit gutted you would put that on my blog and not email me in person, but that is your right and I need to consider everyone's opinions.

Annie x

Anonymous said...

are you serious? annie blackberry is the best jewellery ever! i just got back from a trip to the usa and people wouldn't stop going on about how cool and unique my annie blackberry stuff was. go you annie :)

Anonymous said...

Hi annie!
I purchased a white lacy ring of yours at christmas and everytime i wear it everyone i meet compilments it!
It's my lucky charm.
I was hoping you still made that beautiful blue lady pendant, it was very classic.
But maybe you don't make it anymore?