Thursday, March 18, 2010

Chasing the Ghost

I was just watching Chasing the Ghost - the doco that Paul Holmes made about the P (Methamphetamine) epidemic in NZ and the world. I just can't help but feel that this is one of the biggest scourges of our time - it truly is everywhere - in every layer of society and in every people group. I was just thinking how rehab helps about 3% of people come off the drug permanently and thought about why that figure was so low. I really and truly think that people need to get better FOR something because they obviously wanted to escape from something in the first place. If the goal is only to come off the drug then what happens after that?

We need something to live for, I mean really REALLY live for. What is it you live for? Is it healthy? Will it lead you to good places?

I don't go to church and for that I have been harshly judged. But I do believe there is one Person in this universe who won't stop giving up on us. I am a living testament to that fact.

If you need help PLEASE contact the Salvation Army - they have a great programme called The Bridge. A friend has been there and managed amazingly to kick her addiction. The road is so so so tough but you will find answers if you keep travelling along it. It's a narrow, crooked and stony path but it leads to your salvation.

Love Annie xxx

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