Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Normal Blog

My husband of 7 years today: Andrew Killick - THE Man.
Above: Timmy is the black one on the right :)
Lance and Andrew in the firetruck :)

A very tired me - I suppose we should all show at least one truthful shot ;)

Ooooo - the firetruck was actually fun :)

Hey Beautiful People!

Thought I'd do a normal blog instead of an advertising one (if you want a good deal, see the blog below this one ;) ).

I'd love to know what you think about Annie Blackberry. I get a lot of lovely emails from amazing people and it makes my year. But sometimes it's lonely creating for people you can't always see and a lot of the time you never even know what they think about what they've got.

It's been a year of loss for me. We lost a baby (miscarriage), our baby dog, Gracie (the love of our lives) to a horrible accident that we witnessed and I've lost a lot of friends with whom I've really tried to work things out. Sometimes I feel like Job. I'm scared to receive incase I lose.
It's also been a year of incredible change and hope. I am finally starting tog et well after 12 years of chronic illness, Annie Blackberry has gone further than I ever dreamed, I am meeting some incredible people from the fashion & TV folk right through to the little old lady who sits on her walker seat and talks about how her eyes have lost their colour. Everyone is special. And God's chosen us a wee puppy, Timmy. He's below.

I hope I can be there for as many of you as I can. I hope I can bless you in some small way. f you need prayer or a listening ear, or want a piece of jewellery made that has meaning and significance to you I'd be honoured to do it - email me at

A shout out to Kelsey for being who she is - I love your blog, you are truly unique. Also to my sister, Deborah, for being the best sister a girl could ever have.

Andrew and i have been married 7 years tomorrow - am looking forward to the next 77 :) What amazing adventures are yet to come! We WILL get to Paris and London :) Thank you for looking after me.

God bless you one and all,

Annie :) xxxxx


KelseyJayy said...

you are so so wonderful. X

Lillybeth Melmoth said...

Hi Anna, You are a very special lady. I'm sad you've experienced so much loss and grief this year. Thank you for sharing your heart. <3

May your dreams and joys be multiplied a million times as you continue to be faithful to who you are and who God redeemed you to be! (Church-y speak, I know, but it's genuine). xxxxxxx 7 kisses for 7 years of marriage and for the completion of your struggles - on to something NEW!

Sally said...

Aw, Annie you're awesome. I LOVE your jewellery. Every time I find some in the shops I feel like I've struck gold. I don't, as yet own any. (ironically) But that is only due the hard year we've had trying to make ends meet etc., through this recession. The good news is that things are looking up, we are starting to come up for air. It will make getting a piece of yours all the more special when I finally do.

I'm so sorry you've suffered loss this year. One thing I've learnt is that God is a friend of the broken hearted. Big love to you and your family.

PaisleyJade said...

Hi Annie - I was just mentioning you and your creations in my blog when I saw your post! You are awesome and I am so sad to hear about your tough year.

Here's praying next year is a wonderful year filled with new friends, joys and hope.