Monday, August 31, 2009

Oooooo Annie Blackberry in Lippy Stores & in Lucire

Hey One & All!

I am so excited to be asked to make 300 pendants for 2 of New Zealand's coolest stores: Wild Pair and Lippy! Thank you to the team there who made me feel so welcome!

Also thanks to Jack Yan ( for writing an awesome bit about our jewellery in Lucire magazine online - (might have to cut and paste :) ). What an amazing guy! He's Australasia's leading typeface designer and is also publisher of the coolest Lucire mag which has approx 60,000 readers in NZ and approx 70,000 internationally!

Hope you like my stuff :) Just email me at to enquire about your discounted price!

Bless you all!

Love Annie :) xxx


Charlie said...

Hi Annie, Charlie from What Now here. I just wanted to tell you that I love your lego stormtrooper necklace. I wear it everywhere and so many people come up to me wanting to know where it's from. Thanks again,
Charlie P

Pilland said...

Your report is very interesting indeed.
My sites: (Police gallery about pirates on the road) (The works of my wife) (Gallery of borders)
Best wishes from Italy!

Anonymous said...

Hey Annie!
How cool Lippy and Wildpair love it! YOu rock

Serena xx