Thursday, February 26, 2009

Annie Blackberry in Sunday Magazine

Hello Dear Friends!
Please see our NEW JEWELLERY below :) How are you all?

Please remember that
YOU CAN ORDER through my site - just click on my email and I'll give you a good price on the pieces finished or a ONE-OFF especially designed for you!

In Annie Blackberry news...

I just heard from that Sunday Star Times contacted them for a photo of Annie Blackberry's Lego Jewellery! When I called them they said that it would be in the 'Going Up' Meter column of their Sunday magazine! Yay!! M2 Womens Magazine did a 2 page spread on Etch which is Annie Blackberry's primary stockist of the 16 stores we have. Although AB didn't get a mention ( :( ) our jewellery can be seen in the centre of the photo accompanying the story.

Thank you to Tauranga Interior Designer and Artist and friend, Antonia Cooney, for hosting a wonderful Annie Blackberry jewellery party!! It was so fun. Her lovely Mediterranean-style house provided a beautiful backdrop for a packed party! It was lovely to meet everybody and I was very encouraged by the enthusiam (and sales) generated for AB.

IF YOU'D LIKE TO HOST AN Annie Blackberry JEWELLERY PARTY just email me :) The hostess gets a free piece of jewellery and prices are discounted. Plus it's just really fun!! Thanks to Lillybeth Melmoth of A Beautiful Education for her help and make-up expertise.

THANK YOU to YOU for supporting me and reading my blog. I love my customers and supporters - I couldn't keep going if it wasn't for you.

Love Annie xxxx

PS Below are the new season Clonetroopers, Clone Gunners and Clone Commanders from The Star Wars Clone Wars. I have limited qwuanities of the classic Stormtrooper and Shadowtrooper left also. I have also imported some exquisite vintage and new cuff bracelets from the States. I only have obne fio each at this stage but if you'd like to order or enquirte about the price just email me or leave a comment with your email address.

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