Tuesday, August 26, 2008

See Annie Blackberry in this month's World Sweet World mag!

Hello dear friends and AB supporters!

The magnificent and cool arty crafty magazine 'World Sweet World' (go to www.worldsweetworld.com to see about their mag) has asked to feature an Annie Blackberry necklace - I'm so excited! So thanks WSW. It has so many cool projects that you can do yourself too :)

Just a reminder that you can get Annie Blackberry from:

Trade Me - www.trademe.co.nz (just type in Annie Blackberry)
Etch here in Tauranga
Tres Chic also here in Tauranga
Deja Vu in Gore, Invercargill
Toggle NZ Crafts website - www.toggle.co.nz

OR direct from my by clicking on the email link - there is a 10% discount for contacting me directly if you mention this.

I've been quite sick this last week so have been pining for my new workship in the garage - got a whole lot of cool retro barrel jars with orange lids and plastic fruit shaped containers to put everything in.

I have 3 special THUNDERBIRDS bobblehead vintage doll necklaces coming out shortly. There are only 3 so please tell me now if you would like to reserve one. They will be $70 each because of their rarity (and coolness!!) One is more worn and a olittle chipped - this will be $60.

I hope you are having a lovely day,

Annie xxxx

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ck4eva said...

Yay! Just got a copy of WSW sent to me and saw the little piece about your jewellery. That's so very cool!!! :) Congrats!